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Women experienced an improved quality of life after treatment with the AEGEA Vapor System.

What is the
AEGEA Vapor System?

The AEGEA Vapor System offers new possibilities for effective, safe, and lasting freedom from heavy periods.

If heavy periods are making it difficult for you to live a normal life, the AEGEA Vapor System may be a solution for you. Treatment with the AEGEA Vapor System is a safe, effective, and quick endometrial ablation procedure that can reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. The treatment is designed to be done at the doctor’s office or clinic without making incisions or using general anesthesia that puts you to sleep.

Women experienced an improved quality of life after treatment with the AEGEA Vapor System.

The AEGEA Vapor System has been shown in clinical studies to effectively reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. One year after the treatment in the Pivotal study, the following results were seen:

  • 99% of women experienced an improvement in quality of life
  • 93% would recommend to a friend
  • 91% expressed overall patient satisfaction
  • 79% of patients experienced significant reduction in their menstrual bleedinga
  • 90% had bleeding reduced by ≥50%
  • 85% of patients whose periods affected their sex life said they had an improvement in their sex life
  • 72% of patients with menstrual cramping before the procedure indicated their cramping decreased after the AEGEA procedure
  • 89% returned to work within 3 days or less
a. Levie MD, Chudnoff SG. A Prospective, Multicenter, Pivotal Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of the AEGEA Vapor Endometrial Ablation System. J Minim Invas Gynecol 2018 Jul in press article.

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and considerations associated with the AEGEA Vapor System. Please refer to the Patient Labeling for a detailed discussion of the device’s intended use, relevant warnings, precautions, side effects and contraindications.

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