The AEGEA Vapor System is the first endometrial ablation system specifically designed to be used in the doctor’s office.

Proven Outcomes

Safe. Simple. Effective. Inclusive.

When you discuss the AEGEA Vapor System procedure with your patients, you can recommend it with confidence. When evaluating options for endometrial ablation, the AEGEA Vapor System advantage is clear.

The AEGEA Vapor System is indicated to ablate the endometrial lining of the uterus in premenopausal women with menorrhagia due to benign causes for whom childbearing is complete.

The AEGEA Vapor System At-a-Glance

The AEGEA Vapor System provides an in-office treatment option for endometrial ablation that is safe, simple, effective and inclusive.

Ablation Mechanism of ActionWater Vapor
Reduction in bleeding per Pivotal Study criteriaa (PBLAC score ≤75)6X average reduction in menstrual bleeding
Reduction in bleeding ≥50%90%
Reduction in bleeding to normal per scientific literatureb (PBLAC ≤100)85%
Treats Large Cavities
Treats Cavities with Certain Fibroid Types
Fully Automated In-office Procedure
Treatment Time2 minutes
Procedure Time4 minutes
Integrity Test
Secondary safety check above and beyond integrity test
Cervical Canal Sealing Balloon and Thermocouple
Cervical Collar Insertion Guide
Soft, Flexible Tip
No Patient Data to Enter in the Generator
Minimal Insertion Depth Just Past the Cervix
No Intra-Cavitary Deployment
No Dilation Required
a. Study data on file at AEGEA Medical (PR0301-R)
b. Higham J, O’Brien P, Shaw R. Assessment of menstrual blood loss using a pictorial chart. Br J Obstet Gynecol 1990; 97:734-739
Patients expressed significant improvement in quality of life and satisfaction after treatment with the AEGEA Vapor System.
  • 99% experienced an improvement in quality of life
  • 93% would recommend the treatment to a friend
  • 91% were either satisfied or very satisfied
  • 89% returned to work within 3 days
  • 89% had an improvement in their sex life*
  • 72% said their cramping decreased

*of women whose periods affected their sex life

Treatment with the AEGEA Vapor System can be done in-office and can include treatment for some non-uniform uterine cavities.

In-Office Procedure
  • 4-minute procedure
  • new patented secondary safety check above and beyond integrity test
  • 2 minutes of vapor treatment
  • can be performed in a doctor’s office without need for general anesthesia
Treats Some Non-Uniform Uterine Cavities
  • Can be used to successfully treat patients with uterine cavities up to 12 cm in length
  • The AEGEA Vapor System was used to successfully treat patients with submucosal (type 2), intramural (types 3 and 4) and/or subserosal (types 5 and 6) myomas up to 4 cm
  • The AEGEA Vapor System was used to successfully treat patients with a prior low transverse cesarean section
In the Presence of Essure®In the Pivotal Clinical Study, the AEGEA Vapor System was used to treat 8 patients with Essure Permanent Birth Control in place at the time of vapor treatment. There were no serious device or procedure-related adverse events in these 8 subjects and 6/8 subjects met the study’s success criteria for effectiveness

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